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Natural Stone Whiskey Rocks (Set of 8)

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Handmade locally in Brantford Stu at Bruce Rocks. Each one is truly unique and makes a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift.

After many hours of research and development, Bruce Rocks have created a truly superior whiskey rock. These rocks are hand collected on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. 

Each stone is then hand cut, inspected for defects, and tumbled smooth. They are made from a unique form of limestone called Wiartonite, found only on the Bruce.

To Use: 

- Rinse and left dry before use

- Place in freezer until ready for use

- A good whiskey rock does not make your beverage should cool the liquid somewhat without diluting the subtle flavours. 

- Can also be used to warm brandy or cognac by placing the rocks in hot water instead of freezing.