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Natural Dish Brush

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 Perfect for cleaning pots, pans, and dishes

  • 9"

  • Beech wood handle

  • Tampico Fibre Bristles


To remove old head, use pliers to push wire together and slide the small metal ring down towards wooden handle. Slide out the old head, put in replacement head and push metal ring back up.

Replacement heads can be found HERE

When the brush is no longer useable, remove metal pieces using pliers and recycle. Wood pieces can be composted. For replacement heads, pull out the bristles and separate from metal staples. Recycle (if possible in your area) or throw away the staples, compost the wood head and bristles.

For a more compact option that reaches those tight corners of pots and pans, check out our Natural Pot Scrubber 

*Please Note: Our Wooden brushes are made from natural materials and the wooden parts may split slightly due to the nature of being wet and drying over the course of repeated use. Small splits are normal and should still allow for normal use of the product.