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Large Disc Woven Earrings

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Lightweight and fun to wear, these statement earrings are woven from natural sisal fibres.  The weaving technique is taken from the age-old craft of weaving traditional Rwandan baskets.

The colour is created when the naturally-white sisal fibres are steeped in Rwandan-grown tea leaves!

The earrings are made by artisans from the Abarikumwe Cooperative.  We invite you learn more about them here.

The Handcrafted Details

  • Earrings are hand-woven from natural sisal fibres
  • One pair of earrings takes about three hours to weave
  • We use only hypoallergenic earring hooks
  • Dimensions: 2" diameter
  • Care: Store your handwoven earrings out of direct sunlight

“Purchasing these products provides more than simply a fair wage and much-needed income to Rwandan artisans. It provides dignity and hope for a better future. It provides the opportunity for parents to pay for the care and education of their children. It provides the means for neighbours to work together for the development of their community and nation. In other words, Your purchase is more valuable than you can imagine.” - Azizi Life

Some product photos are by Azizi Life