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BIOS House Plant Food

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BIOS is fermented bran packed full of beneficial bacteria and nutrients that will keep your indoor plants thriving year round. 

Directions: Sprinkle a light layer on top of the soil, water generously, and let nature work her magic. Apply every other month for slow growing plants, monthly for hungry plants. Safe for all plants!

As the bran begins to absorb water, the bacteria wake up and begin to consume the bran. As they reproduce, they spread far and wide throughout the soil looking for more food to breakdown. They also meet your plant through the root system and provide a probiotic defence that helps prevent disease and attack. Don’t panic if your top layer of soil begins to look fuzzy. It isn’t mould, but actually the bacteria growing into Actinobacteria and is the result of thriving beneficial bacterial culture that is essential for healthy soil. 

Ingredients: wheat bran, molasses, water, lactobacillus cultures, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, EM ceramic powder, ocean water minerals, rock dust (basalt, woolastonite, volcanophos, oyster, soft rock phosphate).

45g - 100% Compostable Packaging