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Bath Salt Soak

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60g pouch

Lavender Ingredients: sea salt, pink 
Himalayan rock salt, Dried lavender, Dried cornflowers, Lavender essential oil, Chamomile essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Tapioca starch

Eucalyptus Ingredients: Sea salt, Epsom salt, Green kaolin, Tapioca starch, Baking soda, Kaolin, Cornflower, Natrasorb, Lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Peppermint essential oil

Grapefruit Ingredients: Sea salt, Pink Himalayan rock salt, Baking soda, Jasmine petals, Kaolin, Tapioca starch, Lavender essential oiL, Grapefruit essential oil, Lime essential oil

Rose Ingredients: Sea salt, Pink Himalayan rock salt, Dried rose buds, Dried jasmine buds Rose essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Ylang ylang essential oil, Tapioca starch

All items are hand-made in small batches in Peterborough, Ontario using all natural ingredients and a whole lot of love 

All products are vegan + locally sourced beeswax, and palm-free - please read the ingredients for any lifestyle restrictions 

If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately