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100% Recycled Cotton 5mm Macrame String

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100% Recycled Cotton Rope and String (5mm Single Strand)

This is beautiful, soft recycled cotton has become a staple for macrame makers, weavers, and fibre crafting enthusiasts of all sorts. Made from pre-consumer textile waste, this recycled cotton is not only as soft as it gets—but it ticks the sustainability box as well. 

5mm single strand:

  • 1kg rolls measure approximately 400-500ft
  • 160g rolls measure approximately 75ft

5mm string is ideal for adding texture and dimension to weaves, tapestries, and macra weaves. It can be used for chunky macrame wall hangings, knitting, arm knitting, and crochet.

The creation story of this recycled cotton rope is very interesting. Post-consumer textile waste is grouped into colour categories, then blended to create a uniform colour that doesn't require the application of as many dyes. This recycling and colour grouping gives the rope minuscule speckles (or freckles) that add to its beauty and hint at the ways in which waste has been repurposed, and granted new life. In some of the colours, these flecks remain visible and in some of the colours they do not. 

Triple strand cotton rope/cord is made up of three separate sections that are twisted together to form the shape of the rope. It looks more like a cable or braid. These three strands can be separated and unraveled to create a slightly crimped effect (say, in the tail of a plant hanger or along the edges of a wall hanging).

Single strand has one solo section that is gently twisted to form string. It can’t be divided easily into sections, and it will only ever create a straight fringe.