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100% Recycled Cotton 3mm Macrame String

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100% Recycled Cotton Rope and String (3mm Triple Strand)

This is beautiful, soft recycled cotton has become a staple for macrame makers, weavers, and fibre crafting enthusiasts of all sorts. Made from pre-consumer textile waste, this recycled cotton is not only as soft as it gets—but it ticks the sustainability box as well. 

    3mm triple strand:

    • 1kg rolls with approximately 800-1000ft
    • 100g rolls measure approximately 100ft

    3mm triple strand (100ft) - 3mm cord is ideal for macrame jewelry, small wall hangings, medium wall hangings, key chains, small plant hangers, rainbows, wrapping, crocheting, and floral/botanical details in larger macrame projects.

    Triple strand cotton rope/cord is made up of three separate sections that are twisted together to form the shape of the rope. It looks more like a cable or braid. These three strands can be separated and unraveled to create a slightly crimped effect (say, in the tail of a plant hanger or along the edges of a wall hanging).

    Single strand has one solo section that is gently twisted to form string. It can’t be divided easily into sections, and it will only ever create a straight fringe.