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A Greener Place is built from years of dreaming, planning, and education. We recognize the state of our natural environment is in dire need of help. It is our goal to help reduce the volume of single use waste heading into landfills and oceans, and to eliminate use of harmful and often times unnecessary chemicals one home at a time.

Many people believe that as an individual there isn't much you can do to help the environmental crisis at hand. But we believe that as consumers, you have the strongest voices. The products you purchase create a demand. If we continue demanding products that are more environmentally responsible, ethical, and functional, we can collectively create a big impact at a higher level. 

Our commitment to you and the environment is to remain informed on issues surrounding our earth and try our best to support only products that do better for our planet and that are produced ethically.  We research every product being sold in our store and we refuse to stock items that we don't believe in. There are so many great companies out there making new, innovative, and alternative products and we strive to include as many as possible on our shelves, while giving you variety, functionality, and beauty.

Supporting other small business and the environmental benefits that go along with shopping local is also important to us. We currently have over over a dozen locally handmade vendors, and much of our store is made up of Canadian products. We offer in-store and online shopping, as well as seasonal boxes that make embarking on, or maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle simple. We also offer a wide variety of handmade workshops, seminars, and collaborative space that will help to foster creativity, environmental education, and positivity within our community.