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Wisq Soy Candle

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8oz Soy Candle
WÏSQ is a home fragrance company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Inspired by scents that linger long after boots are kicked off and bags are unpacked, our collection is designed to evoke memories reminiscent of the places you’ve been while teasing out those you long to explore.
Our aim: bottle up lived experiences and send people on a voyage; not necessarily in space, but down memory lane.
We hope that each scent brings with it a familiar comfort and beauty found someplace between home and wandering as you get wisqed away by each subtle whiff.
Carefully curated and handcrafted, WÏSQ candles contain 100% pure soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick. Our unique scents are derived from essential and/or fragrance oil blends.

All products are free of additives, phthalates, and petroleum—for an environmentally friendly use.

BOSQUET: Inspired by the streets of Seville on a crisp morning. Take a leisurely stroll across the river and experience the intoxicating scent of orange and patchouli floating over a rich heart of ylang ylang and coriander, anchored by a warm base of musk oil.

BOURBON: Grab your snifter and pour yourself a drink. Layers of warm caramel and vanilla have been drizzled atop charred oak. Give it a good swirl. Best served neat.

CABINE: Reminiscent of nights spent around a campfire by the cabin on a lake, as soil and smoke give way to crackling wood. Here the marshmallows are toasted to a perfect golden brown...always. Fragrance top notes of cinnamon & clove, heart notes of pine & sandalwood, and base notes of birch & patchouli.

FIG: Captures the lusciously sweet aroma of just-picked Mediterranean figs. This distinctive fragrance opens up with top notes of juicy fig interlaced with blackcurrant and plum, rounded out with delightful traces of lily, sea salt, and creamy sandalwood. Morocco beckons!

VANILLA MUSK: Hints of green and powdery florals are layered atop sweet notes of warm white musk, rich vanilla, and almonds in this fresh medley.

SAKURA: Spring has sprung. Take a walk among the cherry blossom trees with this fresh, floral delight. Notes of jasmine and peony intermingle with musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Infused with nashi pears, rose, mimosa petals and fuji apples.

THERMAE: This blend encapsulates the essence of a relaxing spa no matter where you find yourself. With top notes of lime, a heart of mint and eucalyptus, and a base of patchouli and musk, draw yourself a bath and let it soothe and refresh you.