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New Fashioned Cocktail Jar

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The Old Fashioned is for whiskey lovers, certainly, but we came up with delicious twist on the classic recipe!

It’s a bold, dynamic drink that’s a little citrusy and a little sweet.

This is how we make this fabulous drink:

Fill in New Fashioned Jar Kit with Bourbon or Rye Whiskey
Not a whiskey lover? Try infusing it with Anejo Tequila
It has lots of vanilla and caramel notes that work very nicely in an old fashioned

Refrigerate for up to 3 days to infuse
Once ready - shake and strain solids out
Strain into 1.5 oz shots

Add your strained shot to an ice-filled glass, or shaker

Mix for additional taste:
- Splash of Sparkling Water

Garnish with Orange peel!