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Nature Craft Kit - Solar Paper Card

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This solar paper greeting card is sure to brighten someone's day!

Make art using the sun. The sun is made up of gases. It's the brightest and closest star to our planet Earth. Without the sun, the Earth would be lifeless and much too cold to live on. The sun provides energy to plants so they can grow. 

The type of light given off by the sun is called ultraviolet light, or UV light. Our earth has something called the Ozone layer, which is part of our atmosphere that blocks most of the UV light from the sun. Without the ozone layer, our sun would be much too strong for people, plants, or animals. 

Pollution can cause the ozone layer to get weaker, so that means we have to work hard to reduce the amount of pollution we create by changing our activities like riding our bikes or walking instead of driving, or turning off lights and electronics when we aren't using them. 

How to make your solar paper card:

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