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Nature Craft Kit - Plant Person

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Have some fun growing something from scratch! This activity grows sprouts from seeds that can be added to soups, salads, or smoothies! Sprouts are one of the fastest and easiest to grow, taking less than a week to start seeing growth.

This activity is a great way to spark conversation with little ones about where our food comes from. Where and how are your fruits and veggies grown? What steps do farmers need to take to get the plants grown and food into grocery stores?

  • Farmers prepare the soil before planting, ensuring the right nutrients are in the soil and easy access to water for the plants.
  • Seeds are chosen and planted in the spring
  • Plants are watered and farmers ensure pests and animals don't damage crops. 
  • Weeds are pulled so that no unwanted plants are using up valuable nutrients in the soil
  • The final step is harvesting, where farmers pick the crops when they are ready to sell. Many crops take months of growing before they are ready to pick and eat.

How to make your plant person:

Please visit the website below for the full instructions: