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Nature Craft Kit - Leaf Bookmark

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    Let's learn about trees!

    More than half of Canada is covered with trees and forests. Trees help keep us healthy by converting the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, into oxygen that we need to breathe. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps the sun's heat close to the earth, causing temperatures on our planet to rise too high. We need lots of trees to help lower and maintain levels of carbon dioxide.

    Trees also provide shelter and act as a food source for wildlife, birds, and insects. Trees have large roots that hold them into the ground and suck up water to drink. The roots also help the environment by decreasing the amount of erosion that happens. 

    Some trees lose their leaves in the fall because there isn't enough sunlight to make food and energy so they have a rest when they days get short in the winter and wait until spring when the days get longer and there is more sunlight. During winter trees store just enough energy in the trunk to last until spring, but they drop the leaves in fall to conserve energy. Trees that lose their leaves in the fall are called deciduous trees.


    How to make your leaf bookmark:

    Please visit the website below for the full instructions: