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Nature Craft Kit - Bug Hotel

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What's a bug hotel? A bug hotel creates a resting place for insects in your garden. They help to keep bugs safe during the winter and shelter them from harsh winds, rain, and storms. It will attract the good bugs, like pollinators, to your garden, while also helping to get rid of pests that might eat your plants. 

Why do we need bugs in our garden?

Ladybugs: ladybugs eat bugs like aphids that damage plants.

Bees: Bees are incredibly important in the garden because they are one of our main pollinators. A pollinator is an insect that moves pollen from one plant to another so that it can reproduce. This is how fruit and vegetables are grown. Without pollinators, we wouldn't be able to grow most of the food we eat. Bees love the bamboo dowels that come as part of the hotel.

Ground Beetles: these bugs are nocturnal, meaning they are awake at nighttime. They are responsible for keeping pests away from eating your plants overnight.

Slugs & Snails: these insects are food for many other insects and mammals, which helps maintain balance among the animals.

    How to make your bug hotel:

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