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Linen Spray

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When the weather turns and it's time to close the windows, having a way to bring freshness back into the home is so important for mental clarity and relaxation. Our linen sprays are formulated with simple, clean ingredients that are completely natural and scented only with natural therapeutic essential oils and floral waters. 

Shake well and spray on linens, yoga mats, bedding, towels, clothing, or blankets to bring a fresh, natural scent in between washes. Test first on a small inconspicuous spot to ensure no discolouration. For household use only, avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

  • 4oz
  • Aluminum Spray Bottle
  • Refillable (in applicable refillery shops)

Tranquil (Geranium + Chamomile): Witch hazel, distilled water, rose geranium floral water, chamomile floral water, essential oil blend.

Awaken (Citrus + Ylang Ylang): Witch hazel, distilled water, essential oil blend.

Dreamer (Lavender + Vanilla): Witch hazel, distilled water, lavender floral water, vanilla bean floral water, essential oil blend.


Handmade in Burlington, Ontario by Cedar + Sunset