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Leaf Leather Slim Card Holder

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Avoid the bulge. Useful if you only want to carry a few cards and a bit of cash around with you.

2 front facing slots

1 back slot

1 deep top slot for cash or more cards

*item may not be exactly as shown as each item has its own unique patterning and shading based on natural variations and positioning of the leaves

The material does not need to be conditioned or treated like other leather products. Simply wipe the material with a damp cloth (and a mild soap if needed) and you're good to go. Softens over time similar to traditional leather products.


Responsibly Made in Thailand from Sustainably Harvested Teak Leaves


Leafii was born out of a desire to share high quality, handmade goods that are unique, beautiful and in harmony with nature. Materials that are abundant, natural and highly regenerative are repurposed into something useful without hiding what they are but rather, showcasing their intricate patterns and natural variations.


We strive to promote the reduction of environmental destruction and unnecessary animal suffering by offering items that are sustainably produced and free of animal products. Leaves as a material but also a symbol of our shared values, our commitment as a community to reduce harm to our planet and its creatures and live more eco-conscious, -considerate, -connected lives