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Green Cricket Citrus Dish Soap

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** REFILLABLE **  Price includes Glass Jar Deposit ($1-$5) - Please return jars and jugs in-store to receive your deposit refund. Returning jars need to be the same containers as you received in order to get your refund. Cracked or broken jars will not be refunded. Deposits: 4L ($5), 2L ($4), 1L ($2), 500ml ($1)

Non-toxic, readily biodegradable, phosphate-free. Cleans your dishes well without harming the environment. Instructions: Pour 20-30ml into sink while warm water is running.

Ingredients - Aqua, Cocamidopropylamine oxide (a coconut-based
cleaning agent used to remove grease), Cocamidopropylbetaine (coconut-
based surfactant used to remove dirt and soils), Alkyl polyglucoside (a
sugar-based surfactant used to remove dirt and soils), Sodium salt of
sulphonic acid (a biodegradable surfactant used to remove dirt and soils),
Epsom salts, Biodegradable preservative, Essential oils (oil derived from
plant material).