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Detox Salt Scrub Body Polish

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Citrus/vanilla + dead sea salt + pink himalayan salt + mango butter.

The salt combination of this product makes it great for detoxing and getting the junk out of your skin. 


  • Great as a pre-shaving potion! Massage a handful of body polish into skin. Let sit for a minute or two for complete hydration. Rinse off and shave.

  • Use a couple times a week as a facial exfoliant (avoid eyes, mouth).

  • Keep your tan lasting longer by exfoliating the dead skin cells away, and letting your true self shine!

  • Lymphatic health. Keep the garbage out of your body by stimulating your lymphatic system with this custom blend. While in shower, concentrate on rubbing in a gentle, circular motion where your lymph nodes live.

  • Breast Health. Stimulate the nodes in your breasts to keep the garbage moving out of your beautiful parts. Massage into breast (avoid nipple) in circular motion. This should be done daily for optimal health.

  • Improve your mood with this extremely happy blend of citrus essential oils, vanilla absolute and benzoin.

Refrain from using on the face if you have very sensitive skin or rosacea, or around eye area. Do not apply on scrapes, cuts, burns, or areas of psoriasis or eczema.

Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Dendritic Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Cocos Nucifera (Unrefined Coconut) Oil, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Butter, Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment, Essential oil blend of citrus oils, Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin, and Natural Coconut Flavouring.

Sel Rose Himalayen, Sulfate de Magnésium (sel d’Epsom), Sel Dentitrique, Sel de la Mer Morte, Huile de Coco Non Raffinée, Beurre de Manguier, Huile de Vitis Vinifera (pépin de raisin), Effervescence de Leuconostoque/Racine de Radis, mélange d’huile essentielle.

Massez une poignée pleine sur votre peau. Laissez reposer pendant une minute ou deux pour une hydratation complète. Rincez. Évitez d’utiliser sur le visage et autour des yeux.

*Refillable item - will arrive in unlabeled glass jar that can be refilled in store. Jar items include the cost of the jar, so any future refills will cost less.