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Bug Spray

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Shake well. Spray generously on exposed skin. Rub in uniformly. Repeat minimum every two hours.
Test on inside your elbow, behind the knee and on the calf before first use.
For babies under 6 months and pregnant women, spray on clothing and shoes only
For external use only.


Our spray "In the woods" is made with 5 essential oils:

Citronnella, lemon eucalyptus, geranium, aspic lavender and peppermint

These essential oils are known as mosquito and tick repellants. It's olive-oil base adds extra hydration.
Our ingredients: an olive oil base mixed with apple cider vinegar and the five essential oils listed above. Nothing more!
Only uses certified organic ingredients.
Use this product preventively. It does not replace vigilance. Always wear long pants and sleeves in the woods and high grass.
Product certified vegan by