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Bath Soak Tube

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These bath soaks are a perfectly packaged way to enjoy a relaxing evening bath ritual. Take a moment and relax your stress away with a long soak in the tub with this delightful bath soak. Natural salts are a great way to reduce stress, promote healthy sleep, magnesium absorption, and can also help with pain relief. 

Use: Add half or entire tube to running bath tub, allow to dissolve, and enjoy a nice long soak! 

  • 3oz
  • Glass Tube + Cork Stopper

Smoulder (Rose + Sweet Orange): Pink himalayan salt, hibiscus, rose, natural vanilla flavour, essential oil blend

Sugar Cookie (Vanilla + Sweet Orange): Epsom salt, pink Himalayan Salt, Jasmine, natural vanilla flavour, sweet orange essential oil

Reflection (Lavender + Peppermint): Epsom salt, lavender buds, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil.

Handmade in Burlington, Ontario by Cedar + Sunset