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Refill Order Form

 Join the #RefillRevolution from the comfort of home! 

How It Works:

1. Complete form below, including your contact information. For more details about our refill products check HERE 

2. Within 24hrs of submitting form, you will receive an invoice with your order details and a link where you can pay online. Please note that prices in the order form below do NOT include jar deposits (this is anywhere from $1-$5 per jar depending on the size). If you wish to refill your own containers, please just come into the shop rather than filling out the form. Any items ordered from the form will use deposit jars that can be returned for refund.

3. Once payment is confirmed, we will prepare your Refill Request using clean + sterilized glass bottles, jars or repurposed plastic jugs.

4. Upon future orders, you will leave the empty (rinsed please) deposit jars in the Jar Return Bin at the store. Please indicate on the return form your name and how many jars/bottles you returned. Returned container deposits will be refunded once per week, or deposits can be collected in store if containers are dropped off in store.

5. If there are any other non-refill items you'd like from the store, please order at your convenience from our online store and choose the free "Curbside Pickup" shipping option and indicate in the comments that you are placing a Refill Request. Or, add items in the notes section of the order form and we will try to accommodate.