Recycle & Upcycle


We are lucky enough to have several local vendors and green advocates that accept donations for items to be re-purposed or re-homed and put to good use rather than ending up in landfills! Before you throw away, consider how things can be repurposed!

 Organization or Person Accepting Donations Accepted Items How Donations Are Used
Former Fibres Used Bedding 
(ie. old sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases)
Upcycled into pet beds
Kellywerks Wool or Cashmere Clothing Upcycled into children's clothing, toys, and accessories
Sabine Atkins

Old t-shirts

Feminine hygiene products

Upcycled into reusable bags

Hygiene products donated to homeless individuals in Hamilton.

A Greener Place

Glass jars (clean and with lids only, smaller is preferred)

Clean plastic shampoo or conditioner bottles - any size

Foaming Hand Soap bottles - any size

To be re-used in our bulk refill area for various bath/body/cleaning liquids.




We are excited to collect and recycle the following items through Terracycle Canada and each respective brand. The following brands have committed to taking responsibility for their packaging and ensuring it is recycled appropriately after use. We collect from you then send it all back through Terracycle! Let's close the loop!


Accepted Items:

 Air & Home Care

(Febreze, Swiffer)

Barilla Ready Pasta

Cigarette Waste


Europe's Best

Electronic Waste 

Febreze Aerosols

Love Child Organics
Nespresso Capsules
Open Farm Pet Food Bags
Schneider's Lunch Mates
Staples Writing Utensils
Sunlight & Purex
Terra & Sensible Portions
Wellness Pet Food
Yves Veggie Cuisine